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    Finally, A Headrest That Really Works!


The Sleepy Time Headrest gently and securely supports your child’s head when traveling, preventing it from constantly falling forward, or jerking from side to side while sleeping in the car. It also provides safe, comfortable support for special needs children that need additional support but dislike the rigid confinement of a forehead strap or hard collar. It supports under the child’s chin and keeps the head and neck in proper alignment while putting no stress on the throat or neck. This unique design is patented and has been dynamically crash tested according to the FMVSS 213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard). The soft cotton headrest is portable and easy to install. It works in conjunction with all brands of car seats, wheelchairs, strollers, feeder seats, swings, carriers, booster seats with backs and many other applications where your child needs support.


Make your child the safest and most comfortable they can be!

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Dynamically Crash Tested for Safety:



Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213

(FMVSS 213)


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